Lviv currency exchange – How to exchange money in Lviv

Currency exchange Lviv money exchange bank

Finding a good Lviv currency exchange is an important matter when you visit the city. Although some companies accept foreign currencies as a payment in Lviv, the National Bank of Ukraine requires all transactions to be completed in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) only. For this matter it is important to obtain UAH in the right places. […]

Corona virus in Lviv – Security precautions – Announcement for our tours

Lviv Free Walking Tours

Good news first – Lviv and Ukraine have both very few reported cases of the Corona virus. However, to prevent the spread of the disease, the Ukrainian government is taking measures. All public events are cancelled, restaurants and all shops that are not needed to provide people with basic things are closed. Also That means […]

How to get from Krakow to Lviv

How to get from Krakow to Lviv

Travelling from Krakow to Lviv and vice versa can be stressful. However, since we do it quite often, we know how to do it. Find the best way for you with tips from our travel experts.

How to Survive Extreme Cold in Lviv

Lviv what to do in the winter

When it gets very frosty in Lviv, it’s important to stay warm. It doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors the whole time. It just means you need to plan your trip properly.

5 Lviv must see places outside old town

Tour of Lviv Folk Architecture Museum Shevchenkivsky Hay wooden churches

Most people who come to the Lviv spend their entire time in Lviv Old Town. But there are plenty of beautiful places to explore outside the center. Discover five of them for a start.