Brody Tour – On the footsteps of Joseph Roth

Explore the rich history of the Galician bordertown in a compelling trip
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Brody today would be a small and sleepy Ukrainian town as any other if it would not be for the Austrians. In the Austro-Hungarian Empire Brody was right at the border with Russia – which added to the myth of it being at a crossroad. This myth was then manifested in the books of Joseph Roth, a jewish author who wrote much about the latter days of Austria-Hungary. His figures are often taken from the streets of Brody. On our tour we want to bring these scenes back to life.


The five best things about this tour

  • See the beautiful old town of Brody
  • Hear the stories of Joseph Roth on the real sites
  • Walk through the ruin of one of Galicia's biggest synagogues
  • Touch the gravestones on the amazing Jewish cemetery
  • Learn more about the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Brody

Detailed description

More about your experience with us

A Brody Tour can be the perfect chance to explore a charming little town outside of the big city and encounter it’s history that now is closely connected with Joseph Roth. Brody’s main street Vulitsa Zolota (Golden Street) still bears witness of prestigious past of Brody as a commercial hub and border town on the frontier with the Russian Empire. Today there are exiled Ukrainians from Canada, Israelis, Austrians, Poles and many others coming to Brody – to feel the presence of the past.

Explore this former border town on our Brody Tour

Brody was filled with merchants, craftsmen and beggars that conversed in Ukrainian, Polish, German or Yiddish as they pleased. Because of it’s location, smugglers and spies used the city as a hub. Connections to Russia were frequent. Visitors hated the hotels in Brody. Honore de Balzac even wrote that prisons in Paris were more comfortable than hotels in Brody.

Joseph Roth – the writer who made Brody a myth

Born here in 1894, Joseph Roth describes this little town in many of his works and filled many stories with it. On our Brody Tour we will show you the hotel building that once inspired Roth to his story Hotel Savoy. In the local high school we will walk the halls and feel like a young student Joseph Roth in the beginning of the 19th century.

Experience Jewish Brody

Although Joseph Roth left long before the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, he did not live much longer. Neither did the character of the city that he described in his books. With the Holocaust almost all of Brody’s Jews were murdered. The synagogue today stands as a ruin. On the local Jewish Cemetery for a long time new grave was added. But it’s definitely worth to walk through those remains to get to feel how it once was.

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Brody Tour from Lviv

Explore the rich history of the Galician bordertown in a compelling trip
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Joseph Roth Brody school
Walking the streets of Old Town Brody

Come on a stroll through the old streets of Brody with us. You will explore the Golden Street where many buildings from Joseph Roth's novels are placed, see the old clock tower and wander through the gymnasium where he once studied. If time permits we will also visit the local history museum and enjoy the exhibition.

Lviv Ukrainian Food Tour Lviv Borsch
Enjoy a delicious local lunch

Come with us to eat some delicious local treats of the Ukrainian countryside in our partner restaurant. Try some varenyky, borsch or other local dishes and find out more about Ukrainian food. 

Jewish cemetery Brody tour
Explore the beautiful Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery of Brody is one of the best preserved in the whole region and has it's own mystic charm to it. We will show you the cemetery and explain you all about what interesting people are buried here and what they can tell us about the city.

Synagogue Brody tour
Tour Jewish Brody

We will also show you the Jewish heritage of Brody. The ruin of the once impressive synagogue as well as the former important Jewish buildings in this once Jewish shtetl that was a border town melting pot.

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