Day trip to Drohobych from Lviv

Explore Unesco World Heritage and some of the best sites in Western Ukraine
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Drohobych is one of the most underrated cities in Western Ukraine. While it is the second biggest city in Lviv Oblast it only gets a tiny fraction of the tourists that Lviv gets. This hidden jewel has many things to offer though. With us you can get a deep inside into the city, see a Unesco World Heritage wooden church, visit a salt mine that works like 200 years ago and find out more about the history of famous Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz.


The five best things about this tour

  • Visit one of the Unesco World Heritage Wooden Churches of Ukraine
  • See a real salt factory that still works like 200 years ago
  • Explore the traces of famous Jewish writer Bruno Schulz
  • Enjoy the view from the local Town Hall over the city
  • Taste some local delicacies

Detailed description

More about your experience with us

Drohobych is a city that is hiding behind Lviv but actually has a lot of first class sights to show to visitors. With its one thousand year old history, it is one of the best kept secrets of Ukraine – boasting beautiful churches, tasty local foods, famous former inhabitants and sights that you can see nowhere else.

Unesco-World Heritage in Drohobych

Just outside of the city center lies a little wooden treasure. A church that was built in the 15th century and since 2013 is recognized as cultural heritage of the world by the Unesco. St. George is entirely built out of wood and with it’s paintings belongs to the best examples of wooden church architecture in Eastern Europe. It’s truly an amazing spiritual place!

Experience real salt production on our Drohobych day trip

Just nearby you can experience in a hands on production site how salt has been produced over the one thousand years of the existence of Drohobych. Find out how the salt actually gets pumped from underground and how they salt mine workers apply techniques that have been used in several centuries to extract it and turn it into amazingly clear “white gold”.

Get to know Bruno Schulz and the Jewish heritage of Drohobych

Once an industrial hotspot for the oil industry, many of the Jewish inhabitants of Drohobych were closely connected with the oil production in the region. Many of the beautiful architecture of the city was erected by Jewish oil magnates.
But the most outstanding Jewish personality of Drohobych is Bruno Schulz. The Polish-language writer give account of the atmosphere of the 20ies and 30ies in his writings. Like other inhabitants he was killed in the local ghetto but his heritage still remains. Our tour will take you on an exploration of this heritage and we will show you also the remaining sites of Jewish Drohobych – like the Choral Synagogue. It is one of the best preserved Jewish religious buildings in Ukraine.

Local foods and insights

And as it is with cultivated cities, Drohobych also has its own delicacies. Try some Drohobytska sausage, which some describe as the caviar of sausages. On our afternoon walk around the center, we will take you to try local salted coffee and Salty Caramel Cake which are something you can only get here. After the quick refreshment it’s also much easier to climb up the stairs to enjoy the spectacular view from the town hall and learn more about this amazing city from it’s tallest tower.

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Day Trip to Drohobych

Explore Unesco World Heritage and some of the best sites in Western Ukraine
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drohobych day trip lviv wooden church st. george
The most beautiful wooden churches in Western Ukraine

While most towns in Ukraine barely have any old Ukrainian wooden churches, Drohobych even has two. St. George Wooden Church in Drohobych is part of the Unesco World Heritage of Wooden Churches in Ukraine and Poland. It's neighbouring Church of the Holy Cross is just as old and equally pretty. We will take you into the churches and tell you about the secret meanings of their paintings and about why there are two churches inside of one even.

drohobych salt factory mine
A salt mine from the past

One of the most unique places in Drohobych is it's old salt mine. Salt was being produced in Drohobych even before Lviv was even founded. Nowadays you can take a dive into how this production used to look like. We bring you to the mine and show you where the salt is coming from and how it's being produced. You will love this place and as a gift you will get some of the best gourmet salt to take home with you!

Drohobych Choral Synagogue
Explore the Jewish history of Drohobych

After a lunch break with typical local foods, we will start exploring Jewish Drohobych. The city is now rediscovering it's Jewish past. It's celebrating it's most famous Jewish son: Bruno Schulz. The author of "Street of the Crocodiles" grew up here and was killed here: like so many others in the Drohobych ghetto. But Jewish Drohobych is resurrecting from it's past, with the great Choral Synagogue having been renovated. We will bring you to all of these places and make you discover them!

Great views over the city and the best sausage

And of course we will enjoy all the other treats that a guest of Drohobych should not miss. The tower of the town hall offers great views over Drohobych and the surrounding towns. There are many other buildings to discover: the old Polish church, the monument of Yuriy Drohobych and the former KGB building. And on top of all of this we will invite you to try the best local Drohobytska sausage that you can find.

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