Lviv Castles Day Trip – The Golden Horseshoe

Visit the magnificent castles of Lviv region and enjoy stories from nine centuries

Some of Ukraine’s most famous castles are surrounding Lviv. On an easy day trip from Lviv our Buddies will bring you there and show you a good time. Touring the so-called Golden Horseshoe is a great opportunity to get in touch with the history of the countryside of Galicia and explore the Lviv castles on an easy day trip.

Highlights of Lviv Castles Day Trip – The Golden Horseshoe


8 hours


1-15 people


all year



See the most beautiful castles of Lviv region
Explore the castle parks and enjoy the landscape
Dive into the dungeons and hear more about what cruel things happened there
Listen to amazing stories about the noblemen who ruled the castles
Imagine how people viewed the orient in the 17th century at Zolochiv Castle

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Once built for the protection of trade routes and as shelter from attacks of invading armies, the castles around Lviv became objects of a sophisticated aristocratic life. On our day trip you can dive into the history of these mysterious and beautiful buildings.

Olesko Castle – Birthplace of Jan III. Sobieski

Standing tall on a hill, this former fortress became the birthplace of the man who saved Europe from being conquered entirely by the Ottoman army. Jan III. Sobieski broke the Siege of Vienna and freed Austria with his troops from the Turks. This made him one of the most famous kings in Polish history. Who could have known? Well, we will tell you how there were some signs for this strong king to emerge.
Explore with us also the beautiful park landscape around the castle, throw a coin into the well for good luck and see the exhibition of several centuries of art in Olesko Castle.

Pidhirtsi Castle – The beauty and the beasts

Pidhirtsi was the favorite castle of many noblemen and noblewomen of the area. Several influential Polish aristocratic families lived here and made it a real jewel. However you can only really enjoy the outside. The inside was destroyed during Soviet times and even before. But with the help of our guides, you will get to know how Pidhirtsi Castle used to look like in the old days and find out how the builder of this castle also was the first one to create a map of Ukraine.

Zolochiv Castle – Quick visit to Asia

Being one of the most unique palaces in Ukraine – Zolochiv Castle will take you on short trip to Asia. Once built with the ideas of what people thought about Chinese and Japanese culture and as a place to keep artifacts in the royal collection from these places. But this castle has a close connection to Jan III. Sobieski. As he was married to the French Lady Marie Casimire. They were said to have had a very loving relationship (quite rare at that time) and send each other love letters while away from each other. In some of them Jan supposedly praised this beautiful small paradise.

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Olesko Castle Day Trip Lviv Golden Horseshoe
See the park and exhibition at Olesko Castle

The Golden Horseshoe around Lviv consists of three castles, that come from similar time periods. They had their heydays mainly in the 16th and 17th century. But each of the castles has their own story and can be quite different when you are up for finding the details.
Once a fortress in the times of the Kyivan Rus and later completely abandoned, this was the castle where Polish king Jan III. Sobieski was born. Throughout the centuries this place stood on a hill in the middle of the plain and flat region and gives a great view over the surrounding area.

Lunch break with local food

After exploring the treasures of Olesko Castle, we will have time to enjoy some local foods. There are 2 choices here to taste some Ukrainian local specialities:

  • Olesko Castle Restaurant: The restaurant in the castle offers great local Ukrainian dishes and is styled like a medieval royal hall to eat at. Great for Borsch and Ukrainian dishes
  • Shashlik Grill: Many people enjoy a stop at a local truck stop on the way. It's right on the Highway Kyiv-Chop. That sounds strange but many of our guests enjoy to eat here because it's were many people stop on their way to have lunch. They have freshly grilled Shashlik, which never disappoints.

You decide where you want to eat. If you prefer the restaurant we will reserve before, if you like the truck stop, we will just stop there.
Prices for the lunch are only included in the Premium Tour Package!

Pidhirtsi Castle Golden Horseshoe Lviv Castles
Ghost stories and beautiful endeavours in Pidhirtsi Castle

Often photographed, beautiful Pidhirtsi Castle is partly in neglect and only slowly being brushed up. Come with us and enjoy the many details this castle has to offer. Without a guide it will be not possible to find out all the secrets this place has gathered over the centuries. But don't worry: We got you covered. Also with us you will be sure not to miss the beautiful church nearby and find the best angles to take a picture of this enchanting place!

Zolochiv Castle
Zolochiv Castle - Lovenest and short trip to the Orient

The most prestigious and well-preserved of the Lviv Castles of the Golden Horseshoe, the castle of Zolochiv still boasts a lot of history. Also built by a member of the famous Sobieski family with slave labor provided by Crimean tatars, the complex beauty of this place needs some explanation. The Rotunda, which is called the Chinese Palace houses an exhibition of artefacts from many Oriental countries - quite unique for a remote place in Western Ukraine.

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We visited three castles in the Lviv region. From the beginning, the customer service was very flexible and responsive. Our guide was phenomenal and had so much knowledge to share, not only about the castles, but also the history of the region and the influence left by each culture (Polish, Jewish, German, Soviet) in Lviv. Our driver, was professional and pleasant.

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