Some of Ukraine’s most famous castles are surrounding Lviv. On an easy daytrip from Lviv our buddies will bring you there and show you a good time. Touring the so-called Golden Horseshoe is a great opportunity to get in touch with the history of the countryside of Galicia. The Golden Horseshoe around Lviv consists of those three castles:

Olesko Castle

Olesko Castle

Once a fortress in the times of the Kievan Rus and later completely abandoned, this was the castle where Polish king Jan III. Sobieski was born. Throughout the centuries this place stood on a hill in the middle of the plain and flat region and gives a great view over the surrounding area.
Pidhirtsi Castle

Pidhirtsi Castle

Often photographed, this beautiful place is partly in neglect and only now being slowly brushed up. Come with us and enjoy the many details this beautiful castle has to offer. Also with us you will be sure not to miss the beautiful church nearby and find the best angles to take a picture of this enchanting place!

Zolochiv Castle

The most prestigious and well-preserved of the Lviv Castles of the Golden Horseshoe, the castle of Zolochiv still boasts a lot of history. Also built by a member of the famous Sobieski family with slave labor provided by Crimean tatars, the complex beauty of this place needs some explanation.

Detailed Itinerary for Lviv Castles Daytrip

08:00 – Departure from Lviv
10:00 – Olesko Castle – climbing up the hill and the walls of the castle – visit and tour of the museum
12:00 – Stroll around Pidhirzi Castle with a visit to the small museum – we will also check the best angles for the best picture of this fascinating place
13:00 – Quick visit to the church in Pidhirzi, which is part of the Renaissance ensemble
14:00 – Traditional Ukrainian lunch in the area
15:00 – Transfer to Solochiv and visit to the beautiful Baroque Castle with it’s park and the beautiful Dutch baroque style rotunda
17:00 – Time to go home – we transfer you back to your place of accommodation in Lviv
19:00 – Arrival in Lviv

Prices of our Lviv Castles Daytrip

Guiding only


1-3 guests: 150 Euro
4-6 guests: 170 Euro
7-9 guests: 190 Euro
(This aims at people who have already organised transportation and can take the guide along.)

All inclusive package


1-3 guests: 199 Euro
4-6 guests: 249 Euro
7-9 guests: 299 Euro
(These prices include guiding, translating, private transportation and transfers, fuel and insurance.)

Bigger groups please contact our office for a quote that matches your needs!