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Wow, what a ride. But now we reached the finish line and can successfully claim: Lviv Buddy is the first tour company in Lviv that uses a fully automated online booking system for our tours! We are super happy to present this to you because it actually comes with quite a few convenient features for you, our dear customers.

Reservations now for all tours available – even months in advance

One of the best things that the new booking system brings along, is that you can now book all tours beforehand. This reaches up to several months. If you plan a visit to Lviv in June – theoretically you can reserve your spot on our tours right away. Also we as tour agency can set the limits. This way we can make sure it will be convenient for you to join. If the tickets are sold out, they are sold out! No overcrowded tours with 100 people and a guide with a speaker on our tour.

Only company to accept online payments over Paypal

While some companies offer indeed tours over large reselling platforms that offer various payment methods, Lviv Buddy is the first tour operator in Lviv that offers online payments and reservations on their own website. We also offer payments over Paypal as a service to our customers. That is unique in the region, because Paypal has not yet entered the Ukrainian market. We want to make the booking process as convenient as possible and therefore decided to work with the most convenient payments provider in the world.

Secure way to book your tickets in advance

The booking system we use, is completely secure. All parts of our website run with encrypted SSL certificates. The booking engine stores only mail-addresses, names and phone numbers that we will need for client communication. The payment process is handled by Paypal as external payment provider with over a decade of experience in this field. They are the only ones to get to see you credit card information. We will only see you successful payment. For our side: We will make sure, that the system will not be compromised and your data is safe with us.

Free tickets are provided for the Free Walking Tours

Because we want to make sure you get a spot, we simultaneously also introduced the possibility to reserve spots for our free tours in advance. This way guests can make sure to have a spot on their preferred free tour – and that completely free of charge. We only require name and phone number for the case that something changes. We don’t collect the data for marketing purposes.

Promo codes for ticket discounts available

One of the features of our new booking system is, that we can offer promo codes for discounts on the tours. From time to time, we will introduce special discounts for occasions like Ukrainian Independence Day or for new tours. So stay tuned especially on our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, for updates on new discounts for our tours!

Reminder before the event

One day before each tour we send out a customised reminder to each participant and also include some helpful information and contact possibility for the participants. This way we wanna make sure that guests don’t forget to join.

Mobile tickets without paper and check in at tour

To make sure that people have joined at each place and to give priority to those people with a pre-booked ticket, we will provide an online check-in at the beginning of the tour. The tickets for this don’t need to be printed. Participants can also show their barcode or QR code on their smartphone or tablet to the tour guide – that’s better for the environment and limits trash in our city.

You wanna try our new booking system? Check it out here!

Peter is owner and first buddy of the Lviv Buddies. He is a well-known blogger and journalist from Germany and a crack for history, beer and art.

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