Lviv Underground Tour

In Lviv you can find nice, interesting or even intimidating basements and underground cellars. Most of them were used in a very different way than nowadays. Our Lviv Underground Tour will show you the most historically important and intriguing places. But we won’t be crawling through the tunnels with you only. Neither is it our aim to only tell you all the boring dates. We wanna make you feel the places you are at –  in a funny way with stunning stories. In other cases we will push shivers down your spine. But one thing is for sure: We will make sure you will remember it the day after. *Haha – terrible laughter*

With knowing why and how people were tortured in Lviv, you can learn about the character of the kings and rulers of Lviv. With seeing rooms, where important people were living and hiding, you will learn to respect and value them. And when you’ll see all these buildings and their appearance from this rather unusual view away from the postcard scenes of cobblestone old town,  you will understand the history of Lviv.

Underground coffee afterwards

Part of our walking tours is always to make new friends and have some chat. So if you like, you are welcome to join us for another underground place in Lviv that is now a cafe. We will add some more stories to the tour from a different angle. Also this is a good possibility to give you a chance to get to know the other tour participants and ask our Lviv Buddy guide all the questions you want. Also you can try some local specialities there. We are happy to advise you what to get!

Lviv Underground Tour details

Meeting point: Adonis Fountain, Rynok (Market Square), Lviv. Location on Google Maps here
Meeting time: Every Friday at 2pm. Please check our events page on Facebook for more infos on our scheduled events.
Duration: 3 hours
Language: The Lviv Underground Tour is generally offered in English but on occasion we will add a bit of German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian or Polish for the love 🙂
Price: 350 UAH, 12 Dollars or 12 Euros (this includes all entrance fees)

Lviv Underground Tour Booking

We recommend to book your tickets for this tour in advance. Spaces can sell out quickly and might be not available anymore when you show up. Book this tour now here: Book Lviv Underground Tour tickets!