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The best walking tours in the most beautiful city in Ukraine

Lviv is one of the easiest accessible cities by foot. Small area, lots of places within a walking distance. Therefore what better way is there to see the city than a Lviv Walking Tour? The best about Lviv Buddy is: We offer tours for all budgets. You can join one of our free walking tours or simply book a private tour with one of our awesome locals Buddies. We are sure you will have a good time and see the city as you would never see it by yourself! And that even without any car or public transport!

When we first started our Lviv Free Walking Tour, the idea was simply: Let’s show guests our beautiful city. And well, since then we have done countless tours on foot, at all weathers and every day almost since the beginning. And we still do at least one tour every day – always at 10.30am at the Amphitrite fountain on Rynok Square, right next to the Beer Theatre Pravda. For more info check our tour information below and we will be happy to see you soon!

A fun walk that will show you what you need to see in Lviv
Learn everything important about 750 years of Jewish history in Lviv
An exploration of the non-touristy parts of Lviv with a real local
A walk through the history of Lviv as a multi-ethnic metropolis

Seeing the city with someone who is a local and really knows it by heart, can be one of the best experiences when visiting a place. Our Lviv private walking tours offer exactly that and give you the opportunity to see Lviv through the eyes of a one of our Buddies. We live in Lviv and we like to share our love for this city, for Ukrainian culture and for the Galician history. If you wanna get to know this, then you can choose one of our crafted and well-designed private walking tours of Lviv that you see below. If those are not what you are looking for, we can set up any tour that you would like, if you write us a message at our contact form or chat with us in the chat window or on Facebook!

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Smell and taste the different amazing coffees of Lviv, see the beautiful coffee shops and learn about the history of coffee on this compelling tour.
Not a typical communist city, Soviet Lviv was formed by the will of the Communist government to transform an entire city and get a rid of it’s past.
Having a fun night out in the bars can be one of the best experiences you can have in Lviv. That’s why we offer private pub crawls for groups to explore the nightlife of Lviv.
We want to show you as much of Lviv as we can in one day. If you join our Lviv All Inclusive Full Day Tour, you will know the city better than most people who live here!
If you don’t have much time, a private Must See Lviv tour is your choice. It can be arranged anytime and will show you the best places in 2 hours.
Catacombs and basements that are filled with hundreds of years of history from torture over medicine to prayer and imprisonment – this is what you will explore on our Underground Tour.
Austrian Lviv boasts some of the finest architecture in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Discover it’s people, it’s buildings and their stories on this unique tour.
Ukrainian Christmas is quite different from other Christmas celebrations in Europe. To make you feel the real spirit of this wonderful fest right here in Lviv, we created a tour to show it to you.
The Lviv Folk Architecture Museum Tour will give you a great insight into the history of the Ukrainian countryside. Learn and try traditional crafts here.
Learn how to cook delicious Ukrainian food in the Lviv Ukrainian Cooking Class and get to know the essentials for Borsch, Vareniki and more.
Lviv Street Art has become very diverse. This tour will bring you to the most interesting places of art in Lviv.
Discover the most famous cemetery of Eastern Europe on a private walking tour and find out everything about it’s architecture and the people who were buried here.
Craft beer is a booming industry in Ukraine and it’s easy to lose track. But don’t worry, the Lviv Craft Beer Tour will teach you all about craft beer in Lviv and Ukraine.
Essential Lviv is the perfect tour to see all major sights of Lviv and to discover the Jewish and Austrian history of the city and get a great insight into what makes up the magic of this city.
Trying Ukrainian food in Lviv is essential for a visit to the city. On our Lviv Ukrainian Food Tour we show you the best Borsch, Vareniki and explain you all about them in just 4 hours.
When exploring the Jewish sights of Lviv with us, you can start to feel the 700 year old history of this city’s Jewish community and get to meet it’s famous protagonists.


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