Welcome to our beautiful city of Lviv and thanks for checking out our offers for tours of Lviv. We have created a set of unique and inexpensive paid tours that you can only find at Lviv Buddy. We also offer social tours, so you get in contact with other people and with the guides if you wish to.

Best English-speaking tours

Most tour companies in Lviv offer only Ukrainian or Russian speaking tours. Our company is focused on everyone who understand and speaks English. We give the best English-speaking tours! That’s a promise!

Unique ideas for you to discover Lviv like a local

Some of our tours are unique for Lviv and can’t be found even in a similar way at other tour companies.

Lviv Street Art Tour

We are the first in town to offer a Street Art Tour. For this we work together with local street artists and give you a real insights on the city. We will take you on a nice walk and visit the lesser known districts of Lviv that are turning into art hotspots and on occasion we also let you get in contact with some of the artists to answer your questions. You can find more information on our Lviv Street Art Tour here.

Lviv Craft Beer Tour

Craft Beer is a bustling scene in Lviv and it becomes increasingly hard to identify the best places in Lviv on a tourist visit. That is why the Lviv Buddy got you covered and found the best craft beer bars in Lviv for you. Have a sip of hop with us here.

Lviv Pub Crawl

Lviv hasn’t had a pub crawl tour yet and that in a city with one of the best nightlifes in Europe! We don’t just give you free shots, we bring you to the best places for having drinks in the town! Join us here to pub crawl with us!

Lviv Jewish Tour

We sure aren’t the only people to offer tours of Jewish Lviv to people, but we have the biggest heart and the biggest knowledge about it for sure. In an intensive, several month-long research we found some of the most intriguing stories about the Jewish history of Lviv. We don’t only talk about how this beautiful story almost ended with the Shoah, but we want to show you many things that have made Lviv one of the most reknown and culturally active in the Ashkenazi Jewish world. Have a walk through Jewish Lviv with us here.

Lviv Underground Tour

There are so many secrets hiding in the basements of Lviv – it’s a whole new world. The Lviv Underground Tour gives you an insight into all these places that are spared from daylight usually. We bring you down to not only discover bones, but also to find out about everything that changed to course of Lviv’s history from below the ground. Climb down with us here.

Scheduled at least once per week, in high season more often!

All of our paid tours happen according to our fixed schedule. We change the schedule according to the season and depending on how many foreign tourists we can expect in Lviv. But we have at least one tour of each kind scheduled per week. If you are here from Wednesday to Sunday you will have the chance to experience pretty much every tour that we offer. In case you are missing one of the scheduled paid tours, we can also recommend to book them as a Private Tour with a Lviv Buddy just for you and your friends.

High quality at a low price

You might have seen tours in Lviv for as low as 50 UAH per person. But please think twice before booking those tours. The guides usually have low money to survive. We pay far wages/commissions to our guides. And we offer the best English in town. Those tours come at very low prices compared to similar experiences you could have in Poland or other countries in Eastern Europe. We also research our places, alternate when needed and bring you only wherever we think you should go. You want to know when and where? Check our Tour Schedule here!