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Budapest Explorers

Long term friends, Daniel and his partner are by far the best recommendation we can give in Budapest. They aren't just locals, they really get their city and show it to people like we at Lviv Buddy do: With heart and soul.

Orange Umbrella Tours

Orange Umbrella has been offering free walking tours in Warsaw for the longest time and they really know what they are doing. Visit them for a more personal free tours experience in Poland's capital.

Other Partner Buddies

Home Hostels Lviv

A company from Lviv that is run by locals and offers a friendly and personal stay in our beautiful city - this is why we recommend this place to travellers who want to have a good time in Lviv.

Forgotten Galicia

The best blogs about the history of our region in English language. Lots of background information and great tips all hand written by the authors who are more than just hobby historians.