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Reliable Translation and Interpreter Services in Lviv​

Do you need a professional Lviv interpreter or translator between Ukrainian, Russian, English or German? We provide people who fluently translate for you between those languages. At one point or another, you might need to search for translation services in Lviv to help you with any administrative procedure or to simply help you understand people that you need to meet. Sometimes, it can even be for really happy moments like getting married, other times you might need to simply get a residence permit to be able to stay in Ukraine.

With a good interpreter you can solve all problems.

Are you organising a congress, a conference, or another international event in Lviv?

By interpreting you can enable communication between two people or whole groups who don’t speak each other’s language and don’t know about the differences between their cultures. That is why we are providing interpreters for you in Lviv.

Maybe you are sending a delegation to Ukraine, have an important meeting in Lviv, or have to attend a supervisory board meeting?

We provide Lviv interpreters for the following languages

  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
  • German

and will find the right solution for your needs. Our interpreters are trained in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and our office can also organise the technical equipment for your event.

You can book our interpreters for example for the following events:

  • conferences and congresses dealing with diverse subjects
  • accompanying delegations from abroad
  • visits to factories and local businesses
  • depositions at Ukrainian courts
  • training sessions of all kinds
  • meetings
  • weddings and other legal ceremonies

Contact us to find out more about the various possibilities to book an interpreter for. 

Questions you might have

Certified translations in Lviv are needed mostly for the following three offices:
Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status (known by the acronym “RAGS”): The Ukrainian civil registration office, which among other things is keeping track of births, marriages and deaths.
Courts: If you need to appear in front of the court, you are better off having a good translator and a lawyer
Immigration office: The foreigners registration office, which is in charge of providing legal documentation

Since the public authorities need trustworthy sources to translate your documents from your native language to Ukrainian, it’s not possible to translate the documents yourself or by any random translator found on the internet. Translations have to be done by professional translators who have proved their expertise in their particular field and have a university degree that is recognised by the Ukrainian authorities. They need to have also taken an oath in front of the local district court. Their stamps have official value in the face of the law and are able to provide certified translations in Lviv.

If you are just arriving in Ukraine and are applying for a visa, there are numerous documents that might need translations depending on your case, it’s often diplomas though. Further down the line, in case of marriage or children, the public authorities will require that from you. Obtaining a local driving license in exchange of your domestic one is also a good example. The Ukrainian administration is pretty good at making clear when you need those, you just need to pay attention to the specific standards required then.

Translations are also useful when faced with other situations that are not directly linked to Ukrainian administration. Translations can be done for things like real estate transactions, job offers, applying for subsidies or simply for your website. In these cases, certified translations are not needed but you will still need a reputable professional to make sure the translation is high-quality.

Prices for Lviv interpreter and translation services

  • Interpreting with one interpreter
    20€ per hour
    Interpreting for one person at meetings, conferences or other small events
  • Simultaneous translation
    30€ per hour
    Simultaneous translation at conferences, business meetings or similar.
  • Written translation
    Request a quote
    If you need any documents or texts translated from either of the languages above, we will be happy to provide you with it. Contact us to get more information.


Our interpreters work professionally, accurately and have served many customers from all over the world for all kinds of translations.


We will provide you with interpreters that don't just speak your language but also have extensive experience in living abroad.


Our interpreters are professionals who will be available whenever you need them and serve you punctually.


We also have made sure that all our interpreters treat your topics discrete and keep all information for themselves to protect you and your interests.

No, it's not, but...

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And if you are a group of more than 6 people...

… we are very sorry, but we usually won’t permit you to the free tour. But we are happy to offer you some great private tours that can be very inexpensive. Check for example our Private Must See Tour and others for a small fee.