Lviv Buddy Team

Meet the people who will give you an amazing time in Lviv

Lviv Buddy is not just a bunch of tour guides. We are tour guides with passion. We love meeting people from all around the world and showing them this beautiful city. Many of our guides have been involved in hospitality exchange and in hosting people from all over the world for a long time. All of our tours respect this love for our guests and our city. We are sure you will notice that and you wouldn’t want to miss out on something you have to do in Lviv – book a tour with Lviv Buddy!

The founder - Creating tours

Peter Althaus

Chief Buddy

With a decade experience in Journalism, Peter knows how to write a good story. His newest stories are the tours he creates for Lviv Buddy. He was the first to introduce some much appreciated walking tours in Lviv: Jewish Lviv, Lviv Street Art, Soviet Lviv and several more were established by him.

He is not just the founder of Lviv Buddy Tours but also a much appreciated storyteller, who is always up for extra fun. He will go out of his way to make all guests happy. 

Our guides - Friends you haven't met yet

Ulyana Kuidych

Summer Buddy

While she is always gone for warmer regions during winter, we are always happy to have Ulyana back. She is a true local and as a journalist she also knows everything about this city. And beer!

Bohdan Ivakhiv

Funny Buddy

Bohdan is the person that everyone just loves right away. If you are lucky to catch a tour with him, he will entertain you with his jokes, wit and great personality. You are sure to never get bored with him!


Hanna Apunevych

Nature Buddy

Hanna studies biology and that’s actually her true passion. She also studied the history of Lviv and now explains you all about the human and animal inhabitants of Lviv and Galicia.


Anastasia Vytrykush

Coffee Buddy

Anastasia isn’t just a true local patriot. She also loves to share this passion with our guests. And on top she is a true coffee expert which works out perfect with our coffee breaks.