The Lviv Buddies

Best tour team in all of Ukraine

Our team of Lviv Buddies has won a Tripadvisor certificate of Excellence and gets constantly high reviews from guests. We love our job and we love showing this beautiful city to our visitors!

Managing Buddies

Peter Althaus

Chief Buddy

With a decade experience in Journalism, Peter knows how to write a good story. His newest stories are the Lviv Buddy tours. He will go out of his way to make all guests happy.

Alla Kolhofer

Managing Buddy

Alla is our office angel and will deal with all your booking needs. She knows all about the region and it’s best places and therefore can give you great advice on what to do in Lviv and Ukraine.

Tour Buddies

Nastia Sherstobitova

Friendly Buddy

Nastia is someone who dives deep into the materials to make a great tour. With her smile she will always make guests enjoy themselves and winning them for coming back a second time.

Ulyana Kuidych

Summer Buddy

While she is always gone for warmer regions during winter, we are always happy to have Ulyana back. She is a true local and as a journalist she also knows everything about this city. And beer!

Pavlo Mykytyn

Meeting Buddy

Pavlo likes to discover the world and on our tours he meets even more people from all corners of the globe. In exchange he shares with them a great time in Lviv.

Ihor Kosyk

German Buddy

Being a historian and having lived several years in Austria, Ihor speaks perfect German with a slight Austrian accent. You will be lucky to meet him on many German language private tours.

Bohdan Ivakhiv

Funny Buddy

Bohdan is the person that everyone just loves right away. If you are lucky to catch a tour with him, he will entertain you with his jokes, wit and great personality.

Anastasia Vytrykush

Coffee Buddy

Anastasia isn’t just a true local patriot. She also loves to share this passion with our guests. And on top she is a true coffee expert which works out perfect with our coffee breaks.

Maria Vovchko

Jewish Buddy

With a PhD in history and a vast knowledge about Jewish Lviv, you will be lucky to have Maria as a guide for Jewish Tours. She loves to share her knowledge about the subject with you.

Lviv Buddy Tours - Lviv walking tours and trips out of Lviv

Yulia Solovei

Calm Buddy

If you need to describe Yulia with two words it would be friendly and calm. But don’t worry. Calm doesn’t have to mean quiet. It means you will float through the tour and won’t notice how time passes.

Lviv Buddy Tours - Lviv walking tours and trips out of Lviv

Anna Nikolaeiva

Passionate Buddy

Having true passion for her job means for Anna to be spending more time with tourists than at home. For this all her guests get one of the best tours in Lviv and a constant smile.

Hanna Apunevych

Nature Buddy

Hanna studies biology and that’s actually her true passion. She also studied the history of Lviv and now explains you all about the human and animal inhabitants of Lviv and Galicia.

Lviv Buddy Tours - Lviv walking tours and trips out of Lviv

Yura Romaniv

Party Buddy

You can usually meet Yura at night at all kinds of parties. But if you meet him during the day, it’s just as good, because with a degree in history he also knows a lot to tell about the past.

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