Lviv Buddy loves the media. And we are convinced that more people should see Lviv and know about it’s beautiful places, tasty food, wonderful surrounding nature and friendly people. That is why it is important to us to be in touch with people who can spread this message and help make Lviv more diverse and admired.

Complimentary tours for journalist, bloggers, vloggers, instagramers

That’s why we are happy about any interest of the media in our work. And that’s also why we provide complimentary tours for journalist, bloggers, vloggers, successful Instagramers as well as other people involved in the media who are working on pieces about Lviv.

To gain access to any of our tours, please contact us and send us a link to your media kit and/or your social media profiles. Add the names, dates and times of any desired tours. We will be happy to review your request them and confirm with you. Please write us here.

We know what the media needs

Our founder Peter is a journalist, travel writer and travel blogger and knows what sort of stories you might need for each of your media outlets. We can provide you with personal tips and give you a hint on where to find the story that is just right for you.

We have already helped bring bloggers and journalists to the right spots. We are waiting for the first articles to be published and soon will feature them here.

Tailor-made personal tours for media

Apart from free attendance for any of our tours for people wanting to produce a piece featuring us, we also help media outlets to organise custom made trips to enrich your story about Ukraine and the region. We are experts on Galicia and Western Ukraine and support travellers who are looking for advice on travel in Ukraine. We know where you should go next and can organise you an itinerary that fits the topics you would like to show people at home. We are sure, we can even find things your have no idea of yet and make your pieces even greater. For this please contact us and let us know the dates you are here and what you have planned so far. We will then try to send you a tailored tour for your needs with suggestions on locations and people to talk to. Drop your mail here.