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About Lviv

Lviv is the capital of the historic region of Galicia and one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities in Eastern Europe. With its Unesco World Heritage old town, its hundreds of churches, great restaurants and culinary joints, musical venues and festivals, the Museum of Folk Architecture and one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe, it already makes one of the best stops in Europe. It’s great for a city break or some deep cultural exploration to get an understanding of the history of this unique region. The atmosphere of Lviv is unexpected and the cultures that left a footprint in Lviv, will surprise you: Polish, Jews, Ukrainian, Austrian, Italians, Greeks and many more have contributed to this city. You need to explore this special charm by yourself, there is no doubt!

Private Lviv Walking Tours

The best way to explore the best sights in the Old Town of Lviv in a short and compelling tour with an expert local guide.
From 69€ 3 hours
Taste the best Ukrainian food that Lviv has to offer and learn about it’s importance for Ukrainian culture with a local.
From 99€ 4 hours
Explore the mystic catacombs below Ukraine’s most beautiful city and hear of ghosts and heroes from eight centuries.
From 59€ 2 hours 30 minutes

Lviv Free Walking Tours

Explore the neighborhoods outside of touristy Old Town
Free 2 hours 30 minutes
Explore the non-touristy parts of Lviv with a real local
Free 2 hours 30 minutes
A fun walk that will show you what you need to see in Lviv
Free 2 hours

Private Day Trips from Lviv

Help save bears by enjoying a fun half day trip from Lviv
From 179€ 5 hours
Stunning natural beauty and amazing historical places in one day from Lviv
From 269€ 9 hours
Discover a small city with an amazing history in a 6 hour trip from Lviv
From 199€ 6 hours

About Lviv Buddy

At Lviv Buddy Tours we want to provide our guests with a personal experience. We provide guides that know the city well. But we also put a big focus on being your buddy in Lviv – hence our name. We want to show you Lviv through the eyes of a local. We know all the best spots and have been tourists ourselves as well as worked with many visitors to our city. Therefore we can provide you with an authentic experience, tell you the history of our beautiful city and introduce you to some locals that can tell you more about their perspective. All of this will make your visit to Lviv unforgettable.

Lviv Buddy Team

Peter Althaus

Chief Buddy

With a decade experience in Journalism, Peter knows how to write a good story. His newest stories are the tours of Lviv Buddy. He will go out of his way to make all guests happy.

Ulyana Kuidych

Summer Buddy

While she is always gone for warmer regions during winter, we are always happy to have Ulyana back. She is a true local and as a journalist she also knows everything about this city.

Bohdan Ivakhiv

Funny Buddy

Bohdan is the person that everyone just loves right away. If you are lucky to catch a tour with him, he will entertain you with his jokes, wit and great personality. 

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