Lviv Photo shoot with a Photographer

Have someone create memories for a lifetime of your visit to Lviv

Having beautiful pictures from a vacation with your partner or a trip with your family is a lasting memory that you can keep for a lifetime. Therefore hiring a professional photographer for a Lviv photo shoot might be one of the best ideas connected to your trip. We work with great portrait photographers, that know how to put you and your loved ones in scene. 

Our Lviv photographers

Our photographers are local professionals. They are charismatic and know how to set you in scene as best as they can. They will always be friendly to you and make the sometimes quite tiresome photoshoot a comfortable and warm experience for you. Every session is private and will be only attended by you and the photographer.

Best spots for your Lviv photo shoot

Our photographers don’t just know the right way of taking beautiful pictures of you. They also know the best spots to have your picture taken and the best time when to meet you there for your Lviv photo shoot. As a tour company, we know the most beautiful spots and share them with our Lviv photographers.

Your Lviv photos sent to your inbox

Your photoshoot in Lviv will take usually around 90 to 120 mins. This is a personal photoshoot, love story, family or for a group of people. After up to 7 days the photographer will provide you 100+ photos in color correction in digital format.