Lviv is the most beautiful city in Ukraine. What better way is there to get an insight with real locals who know the heart and soul of this beautiful city. This is what we offer on our Lviv Private Walking Tour.

Experienced and fun guides

Our experienced, professional tour guides with degrees in subjects like history, biology or architecture will make sure to make your tour as informative and entertaining as possible. We won’t bore you with dates (unless you want that) and rather tell you the stories to make you understand the bigger picture. And since each tour is private, you and your group will have one of our buddies as an experienced and educated tour guide all to yourselves.

Fluent English speaking tour

The level of English of many guides in Ukraine is still very low. But at Lviv Buddy we actually take care to improve our guide’s English skills. They take part in classes and social events with native speakers and get better every day. Our owner Peter guides too and has native fluency in American English, as he spent part of his life in the United States.

Family friendly Lviv Private Walking Tour

Whether you are traveling alone, with your wife or husband and kids, a group of friends or on a corporate retreat – our private walking tours are the ideal way to see the city. Strolling through the city on foot allows you to take in the sights at a more leisurely pace. If you have kids with you, we will make sure to bring them to exciting places, so that they also have a good time in Lviv.

Flexible itinerary

At Lviv Buddy our aim is to show you this beautiful city in the way you would like to see it. Rather than give you a list of tours, we give you a menu and a time frame. You tell us what you are interested in and we will customise a tour to your tastes.
We can also arrange stops for lunch or perhaps you would like an evening out, see a show, relax over a meal in a local restaurant. Your wish is our command!

Book now for the best Lviv private walking tour

Just go to our booking page and select your date and time. We will contact you right after, to see what would best fit for you Lviv Private Walking Tour with us. We are looking forward to showing you our unique and wonderful city!