Lviv Private Walking Tour

Lviv is the most beautiful city in Ukraine and so compact, that it’s easy to discover most of it’s sights on a Lviv private walking tour. And what better way is there to get an insight with locals, who know the heart and soul of this beautiful city? This is exactly what we offer on our Lviv Private Walking Tours.

Experienced and fun guides

Our experienced, professional and fun tour guides with degrees in subjects like history, biology or architecture will make sure to make your tour as informative and entertaining as possible. We won’t bore you with dates (unless you want that) and rather tell you the stories to make you understand the bigger picture. And since each tour is private, you and your group will have one of our buddies as an experienced and educated tour guide all to yourselves.

Fluent English speaking Lviv private walking tour

The level of English of many guides in Ukraine is still very low. But at Lviv Buddy we actually take care to improve our guide’s English skills. They take part in classes and social events with native speakers and get better every day. Our owner Peter guides too and has native fluency in English with an American accent, as he spent part of his life in the United States.

Flexible itinerary possible

At Lviv Buddy our aim is to show you this beautiful city in the way you would like to see it. If you would prefer to see the city in a more flexible way, we are also happy to compose a tour for you, according to your wishes. It can include topics from the above list or something we don’t even list here, but which you would like to find. We are happy to set a program up, that fits your needs 100%. Just simply give us a timeframe and tell us about what interests you and we will create your perfect tour!
We can also arrange stops for lunch or perhaps you would like an evening out, see a show, relax over a meal in a local restaurant. All is no problem with our Lviv Private Walking Tour!

Book now for the best Lviv private walking tour

And what makes it even better: All of our private tours are even bookable online and you can reserve them with a few simply clicks and pay by credit card (VISA and MasterCard). Just go to each private tour page and select your date and time. We will contact you right after, to confirm and arrange a couple details with you. We are looking forward to showing you our unique and wonderful city!

For the price you pay, you get the best

For all of our tours we charge 20 Euro (around 600 UAH) per guide and hour. This covers our services, many interesting facts and our Lviv Buddy Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like the tour, you pay what you think is ok! And the best is: With your price you don’t only support fair wages to our guides. We also give money to charities, that help maintain our tour infrastructure or support old people and orphans!

Interesting themes

We have some quite unique tours that we beautifully concepted for our guests. Check here our popular private walking tours of Lviv.

Lviv Underground Private Tour
You will be surprised by what’s hiding in the basements of Lviv. Come and discover the catacombs, an old pharmacy and some dark secrets!
2,5 hours

Jewish Lviv Private Tour
Once one of the most thriving Jewish cities in Eastern Europe now you need to look closely to find those traces. With us you can reveal the rich Jewish history of Lviv.
3 hours or a full day

Austrian Lviv Private Tour
Most of the post-Renaissance Lviv was built during Austrian times. You can follow their footsteps and find out more about the Mozart’s son and the first Masochist!
2,5 hours

Ukrainian Food Tour
Have you tried the best foods of Ukraine yet? On our tour you will get a chance to do that and get an insight into ways of cooking and living simple – Ukrainian style!
4 hours

Polish Lwów Private Tour (description will follow soon)
Poles have influenced the city’s history for more than 5 centuries. Many famous Poles came from Lviv. We wander on those traces and show you where to still find Polish culture
2,5 hours

Street Art Lviv Private Tour
Street Art is picking up in Lviv and we have put a unique tour together to show you the best pieces and put you in touch with local artists.
2,5 hours

Lviv Craft Beer Private Tour
There are more and more craft beer breweries and bars in Lviv. But no worries, we got you covered. We take you only to the best of them.
4,5 hours

Did that increase your appetite for one of our awesome Lviv Private Walking Tours? Well, here is a full list of all the tours we offer!