Lviv Translation Services

If you need to understand what’s said and written

When coming to Lviv for official reasons, it is important to have an official translator. Somebody that has experience in understanding and translating simultaneously, so you get the right information quick and reliable. Our translation partners are officially certified translators that have years of experience in the field. 

Translation services we are offering

simultaneous translation in Lviv

Simultaneous translations for events

On small and big events alike it's important to quickly understand and be translated

If you are organising a larger conference or events with an international and multilingual audience, it’s important to have reliable and quick translators, as well as the appropriate technology. Our translation service can provide you with both.

Price depends on duration, number of participants etc
lviv translation service

Translations for business meetings and events

When you visit Lviv for your business , you can hire a professional translator.

Our certified translators with years of experience prepare for every meeting to be up to date with the vocabulary needed for your event. You can rely on them providing you with an exact and understandable translation.

from 25 Euro per hour

Notarization of documents

If you are in Lviv for legal matters, you will need official translations of your documents.

In business as well as family matters, getting documents notarised will be essential for your stay. Our translation service will provide you with a proper translation and will get it notarised for you. 

from 10 Euro per document

Official apostilles

Getting an apostille is often the only way to get documents recognised abroad.

Not only for getting married but also for all kinds of other documentation that you need to take abroad, we can provide internationally recognised apostilles. You just need to provide the documents and we will take care of the rest.

from 30 Euro per document
Translator certified documents Lviv


When you need to present documents to private business and notarization is not needed.

If you need to present your documents from abroad to private institutions or on a not official occasion, it is often enough, to have the documents certified by a local translation agency. Our translation service can provide you this certification. 

from 6 Euro per document

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