About us

Learn what makes us the best tour company in Western Ukraine

Lviv Buddy was created by Peter Althaus in 2016. Back then there were no good English or German speaking tours organised in Lviv and Peters aim became to bring a new way of doing tours to Lviv. The idea of Lviv Buddy is to be our guests best friend in Lviv – that’s also our slogan. We want to show visitors the city and the whole region of Western Ukraine from the viewpoint of real locals who live here and know every corner of the city and the area.

Lviv Buddy is not just a bunch of tour guides. We are tour guides with passion. Many of our guides have been involved in hospitality exchange and in hosting people from all over the world for a long time. We love to get to know new people and all of our tours respect this love for our guests and our city. We are sure you will notice that and you wouldn’t want to miss out on something you have to do in Lviv – book a tour with Lviv Buddy!

Just a couple of our advantages

Fluent Speakers

We are fluent speakers in all languages we offer tours for. We want you to really understand this city. That’s why most of our guides have experience living abroad.

Best rated

We make sure that our guests are as happy as possible with their tours. That’s why we receive 97% 5-star ratings from our guests and have many returning customers.


Until we launched, most tours in Lviv were either only about dates and facts or too much bla bla. We focus on great storytelling and historical accuracy.


We don’t just love Lviv and Ukraine, we also love learning more about it. That’s why we update our tours constantly, so that we can present the best tours to our guests.


We want to find out what tour matches our guests 100%. That’s why we communicate with them until we found the exact match for every customer.


Many of the tours you find with us, you will find nowhere else. We created some of the most innovative tours in Lviv and we can’t stop. There are so many more ideas we have.

Lviv Buddy Team

Our achievements

Tour options

We are constantly expanding what is already the most diverse tour program in Lviv.

5-star reviews

People don’t just take our tours, they love it! 97% of our guests rate us with 5 stars!

Happy guests

Since we started doing tours, we have served thousands of customers.

Our founder – Peter Althaus

Peter, Founder and Chief Buddy

Peter came to Lviv in 2016 to establish what is now the best tour company in Lviv. Originally a journalist, he continued creating stories that now you can actually book as a tour.