About us


We know what travellers like

Being a backpacker with travel experience in 60 countries, Peter Althaus decided to leave his job as a journalist in Germany and move to Ukraine to find adventure and built something new.


Because we don't do things like everybody else

Lviv Buddy was founded to make tour guiding in Lviv more fun and to give people the opportunity to get to know this beautiful city in a different way. While other tour companies just lead you through the overcrowded old town and tell you dates and facts, we like to show you the other sides of Lviv. We love taking our guests to places they would usually never see. And what’s more boring than guides just talking dates? Right, that’s why we make sure to train our guides in getting you involved and telling you compelling and entertaining stories.


The 21st century is not just a date in the calendar

We from Lviv Buddy are active on all important Social Media platforms and keep in touch with our clients often even after the tours. We use modern devices to show our guests how things used to look like and give them insights and other perspectives.


We care about our community

We believe in fairness. That is why we pay our employees fair. This way we hope to give young and talented people an opportunity to stay in Ukraine and support their country. But we also support those, who can’t support themselves. That is why we give money to various charities, such as orphanages, homeless shelters and we support volunteer projects that benefit our communities.