If you have been to Lviv, you might have wondered about the amount of tour companies out there. But just because there are many, doesn’t say anything about their quality.

Fun and charismatic

Lviv Buddy was founded to make tour guiding in Lviv more fun and to give people the opportunity to visit Lviv and get to know this beautiful city in a different way. While other tour companies just lead you through the overcrowded old town and tell you dates and facts, we like to show you the other sides of Lviv. We love taking our guests to places they would usually never see. And what’s more boring than guides just talking dates? Right, that’s why we make sure to train our guides in getting you involved and telling you compelling and entertaining stories.

Unique and innovative

We want to turn your trip to Lviv into an unique adventure. All of our tours were uniquely developed with you as guest on our mind. Our competitors like to copy tours, we invent them! Check for example our Lviv Street Art Tour or our Lviv Craft Beer Tour!

Modern and reliable

For us tour guiding is not just a hobby. It is our passion. That’s why we even did Free Walking Tours when it was as cold as -22 degrees Celsius outside or when it rains. We are on time and if something goes wrong, we keep our guests updated. That’s why we require registration even for our free tours. This way we can contact our guests easier. We are also the only tour company in Lviv, that accepts payments through easy online-payment services like Paypal. Lviv Buddy is active on all important Social Media platform. Come and join us there to see what we are up to!

Fair and responsible

We believe that it needs fair working conditions for people to feel comfortable in their environment. This is why we pay all of our employees fair salaries and our freelance guides fair commissions. While other companies have dumping salaries we love our guides and we want them to be happy. If you have money to worry about, you can’t show people the beauty of Lviv.
With our guiding we also support various good causes in Lviv. We bring guests to independent small businesses rather than big chains. We educate guests on our tours also on living conditions in Ukraine. We try to help the elderly, the handicapped and the poor, because their life here is the hardest.