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How to get from Krakow to Lviv

How to get from Krakow to Lviv

Travelling from Krakow to Lviv and vice versa can be stressful. However, since we do it quite often, we know how to do it. Find the best way for you with tips from our travel experts.

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how to survive extreme cold in Lviv

How to Survive Extreme Cold in Lviv

The 2018 January is almost over, and the minimum temperature record we achieved so far was -10 degrees. It didn’t feel well to our guides and guests already, but we know that it could have been even worse. However, it is still too far til the end of winter, and we still can expect severe colds to come anytime soon. So if you plan to visit Lviv in February, we strongly advise you to take warm clothes with you and also take a quick look at our post on how to handle severe colds while staying in our beautiful city.

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mobile operator ukraine kyivstar vodafone lifecell which is best

Which mobile operator in Ukraine should you choose?

To stay connected is one of the most vital issues while travelling, especially when you travel to the countries outside the EU and EEA zone. In countries like Ukraine, your roaming fees might exceed your monthly income if you don’t care about it or if you don’t have a special plan. So, while Ukraine is not yet part of the European Union or cooperates with other EU countries in terms of European roaming, we recommend you to purchase a Ukrainian SIM card from one of the local mobile operators. The Ukrainian mobile market is not as diverse as it seems.

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Lviv public transport buses trams trolleybuses marshrutkas

Lviv Public Transport – How to get around Lviv

Lviv is one of the most frequently visited cities in Ukraine. And there are many reasons for that: beautiful architecture, great cultural diversity, vivid social life, breathtaking panoramic views, delicious food and drinks…and this list can go on forever. However, there is one thing about this city that was and will remain (at least for some time) extremely messy and ambiguous – Lviv’s public transportation system. While getting to Lviv from other countries or cities does not seem to be that of a problem, finding one’s way around can become a real challenge for newcomers. So it is very important

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Lviv Ukrainian Christmas Tour

Lviv Christmas and New Year – Event schedule 2017/2018

The Lviv Christmas and New Year season is much longer than in other countries. Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on 6th and 7th of January and even until the middle of January there holidays that are related to Christmas in Lviv. But Lviv also has a long tradition of Roman-Catholic Christmas as well, as the Polish people of Lviv have always celebrated it as well. That’s why many events already start in the middle of December in Lviv. And of course New Year is right in the middle! Come and see some traditional Ukrainian Christmas in the most beautiful city of Ukraine!

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Tour of Lviv Folk Architecture Museum Shevchenkivsky Hay wooden churches

5 Lviv must see places outside old town

Lviv is such a nice and easily walkable city. Streets are narrow and pretty much everything is within walking distance. But there are some places out of the Old Town, that are well worth the walk – and that in every time of the year. Let us introduce our Top 5 picks! Museum of Ethnography Shevchenkivsy Hai If you are not planning to make a trip to the countryside in Ukraine, then the Museum of Ethnography or also just called Shevchenkivsy Hai is the closest you will get to it. The museum is a collection of wooden churches and countryside houses from

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