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The best-rated free walking tours in Lviv

Hello and welcome to our beautiful city with our great Lviv Free Walking Tour! We are the best tour company in Lviv and you can even enjoy several of our Lviv Free Walking Tours per week! For this we meet at 10.30am and 3pm at the Amphitrite fountain on Rynok Square (next to Pravda Beer Theatre)! Watch out for our white Lviv Buddy Free Walking Tour umbrella! Please be aware, however, that we guide our daily Lviv Free Walking Tour currently only in English.

List of current Lviv Free Walking Tours

We currently have several Lviv free tours every week. If you wanna know what day we offer which tours, please check the information in the boxes below or see our Lviv free walking tour schedule. Have a look at the list for which tours you will most enjoy!

Explore the neighborhoods outside of touristy Old Town
Free 2 hours 30 minutes
Explore the non-touristy parts of Lviv with a real local
Free 2 hours 30 minutes
A fun walk that will show you what you need to see in Lviv
Free 2 hours

Unique tour routes several times per week

Being unique is important to us. That is why we handcrafted all tour routes since we started our tours in 2016 and are continuously improving them. And because we want you to experience as much of beautiful Lviv, as possible, we offer several different Lviv free walking tours per week. We have 3 different kinds of Lviv free tours available right now but will increase the amount once available. All of them have a unique route that shows you another perspective of the city. With our free walking tours, you can explore Lviv in great depth.

Amazing guides show you Lviv

All our guides are true locals. Some of them lived in Lviv all their life. All of them know it by heart. We want to show you amazing and unique places that you could never find on your own. Places that are on no map and rarely on the internet. We also give you our best tips for restaurants, bars and other things to do because we have tested many places and know what’s best.

Stop for a coffee break

We want to make tours available for everyone. Our Lviv Free Walking Tours are made exactly for people like you! Backpackers, globetrotters, and other individual travelers as well as small groups of friends or couples that are happy to have a good time and are open to meeting other people. We have our roots in the Couchsurfing community and believe that everyone should be able to travel and that sharing is caring! 

And we are also a member of the worldwide Free Tour Community, which is an association of free walking tour providers that has members all over the world and that love welcoming people to their towns as we do. With them, we talk about best practices and are always looking for ways to improve our service for you.

That is why on our tour we always stop for a coffee so that people can get to know each other and for you to ask our guides questions that might not fit the usual inquiry during the tour.

No fixed price for Lviv Free Walking Tour

Because it is a Free Walking Tour, we don’t charge you anything as a price. Just show up on time at the meeting point and we will guide you around! If you liked the tour, our guides will be happy about a tip and a nice recommendation to your friends or for others on Facebook, Google and/or Tripadvisor! And because we want you to find some cool places, we even give you a small gift: Our Lviv Buddy Free Map!

Other benefits of booking with us

Well prepared

We want our guests to enjoy their tour. Therefore all our guides are prepared for small and big emergencies, be it with umbrellas or with lots of information for your stay.

Best rated

We make sure that our guests are as happy as possible with their tours. That’s why we receive 97% 5-star ratings from our guests and have many returning customers.


Until we launched, most tours in Lviv were either only about dates and facts or too much bla bla. We focus on great storytelling and historical accuracy.

Got questions left?

No problem! We can help you with that!


For all our free tours, we meet at the Amphitrite fountain on Rynok Square. Watch out for a white umbrella with a Lviv Buddy logo on it! Also note that there are other tour companies that conduct tours and also use umbrellas for recognition. Please make sure to end up with the white umbrella!

You don’t need to book your spot as our guides will always be on the meeting point at the given times. But we recommend reserving a spot, because if the groups are too big, we can send people with no reservation away.

Yes, anytime. You can let us know if you can’t come or just not show up to the tour. 

No problem. We have a Free Tour FAQ page. Here we answer most questions. If you can’t find an answer there, please use the contact form on the right or contact us here!

Or leave us a message