Hello and welcome to our beautiful city with our great Lviv Free Walking Tour! We are the best tour company in Lviv that runs a daily free walking tour! Every day during the season we meet at 10.30am at Amphitrite fountain on Rynok Square (next to Pravda Beer Theatre)! Watch out for our Free Walking Tour flag!

We are happy you have decided to come and check out Lviv! We think it is the most beautiful city in Ukraine and possibly in Europe. If you want to enjoy the city, get to know it’s best places and meet other travellers from around the world, then our daily Lviv Free Walking Tour is the best option for you!

Only daily Lviv Free Walking Tour

We want to make tours available for everyone. That is why we have created a daily free walking tour of Lviv. We switch the outline of the tour. We have 2 different kinds. With our daily free walking tours you can explore the city already in depth. On top of that we also offer many other Lviv Walking Tours. Check our Lviv Buddy tour schedule for more info on what other times we offer our tours at.

Get to know Lviv, Lvov, Lwow, Lemberg on our free tour

Lviv has had many names during the centuries. Our Lviv Buddies take you to the places that you have to see and even those that you would never find without us. All of our guides have a deep knowledge of history, love our city and want to help you make the best of your stay.

Meet new friends

Our Lviv Free Walking Tours are made exactly for people like you! Backpackers, globetrotters and other individual travellers as well as small groups of friends that are happy to have a good time and open to meeting other people. We have our roots in the Couchsurfing community and believe that everyone should be able to travel and that sharing is caring!

The Lviv Free Walking Tour is free

Since it is a Free Walking Tour, we don’t charge you anything. Just show up on time at the meeting point and we will guide you around! If you liked the tour, we will be happy about a tip and a nice recommendation to your friends or for others on Facebook and Tripadvisor! Thanks!

List of our current Lviv Free Walking Tours

We have a daily free tour of Lviv. The topic of the tour differs from day to day. If you wanna know what day we offer which tours, check our tour schedule. Please check the list for which tours you will most enjoy.

We also offer paid tours on a regular basis. Please check out our cheap and unique paid tours for you to enjoy the best of Lviv!

Free tour isn’t for you? Maybe our Lviv Private Tours will make you happy!

If you want a bit more private atmosphere than at our Lviv Free Walking Tour, you can book one of our Lviv Buddies for private tours of Lviv. For this please check out our selection of unique private tours of Lviv.