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Ukrainian Food is one of the best in the world. Created by people who lived on some of the most fertile land, there are many interesting meals to discover. Lviv has a rich cultural history as the capital of Galicia. All cultures that came to Lviv brought their own food and therefore we will go and experience all kinds of different foods. From Borsch to Vareniki there is much to taste. We will also explain you why Salo is a synonym for Ukrainians. And of course there is some vodka to try here as well! We take you to the best places for each of them and show you how it is made! And of course you will get to try each of the dishes.


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The best Lviv food tour is the one that shows you all the essentials and connects it some secret spot. On our Lviv Ukrainian Food Tour, we introduce you to the best Ukrainian food in Lviv. We know the best stops for the best dishes in Lviv. Have you tried borsch yet? Well, it’s not so simple, because there are hundreds of kinds and there is a lot you need to know. We will enjoy some of the best beetroot soup that you can find in the country and explain you, what you have to watch out for, when searching for the best Borsch.

See how vareniki are made on our Lviv Food Tour

Apart from Borsch, Vareniki are the essential Ukrainian food. Which filling is the most common, you might ask! But well, we keep some things for the tour and let you even find your personal favorite. And on top of that we show you how to make them by yourself! And what if you have leftovers? Ukrainians got a suggestion to turn them into another delicious meal.

Going to a market to try specialities of the region

And to cook real Ukrainian dishes, of course you will need to know where and what ingredients you need to look for. And of course the local markets of Lviv are a great possibility to let you try some delicious specialities to try from Ukrainian farmers and other producers. We will show you some delicious cheese and try some honey and milk products and great sausages.

Get to know the Ukrainian seasonal calendar

In a country that has a winter with temperatures sometimes below -20 degress Celsius, of course not everything grows all year. That’s why Ukrainian farmers and cooks will know how to make the best out of every season and using special ingredients and foods in certain times of the year. We will teach you all about it and give you the knowledge that we have asked all of our cooks, mothers, grandmothers and aunts, so you can live more healthy throughout the year.

Usvar, kvas, horilka and beer – those drinks are a must

If you still can’t get enough of this, we will show you the best places to have a great local liquor. Anything from a good horilka (Ukrainian vodka) with honey or horse radish to plum brandies, great Crimean wines, Transcarpathian wines and locally brewed Lviv beers.

Security advice for the Lviv Ukrainian Food Tour

We recommend to start fasting when you book this tour, so that you get enough space in your stomach for all the tastiness that Ukraine’s food and culture capital has to offer! We definitely have enough food and drinks for your whole trip to Lviv on our tour! We offer this tours for lunch or dinner and as a 3 hour tour or up to half a day. Book this tour now!

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