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You think that you can feel Lviv but believe that there is more to discover than what you see in a short walk through the city? This is what we have designed the Lviv All Inclusive Full Day Tour for. Essentially we want to show you as much of Lviv as we can in one day. And believe us, there is even much more than that! But if you join our Lviv All Inclusive Full Day Tour, then you know the city already better than most people who live here!


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When your visit in Lviv is short but leaves just enough to free a day, our Lviv Full Day Tour can be the perfect solution for you. The city center of Lviv is quite compact for a city of almost 1 million people. But there are many places in Lviv that we will walk or take a ride to, to really make sure you see things that you need to see. On our tour we therefore are able to cover all of the main sights in the city center plus a lot of fun things that you should not miss out on. You will learn more about this city than you could ever imagine. We will therefore divide the day into several parts.

Morning tour through the Old Town of Lviv

Have a relaxing walk and see all of the essential places in Old Town with us. Of course we will start with a circle around the Rynok, the Market Square and see the

  • the Town Hall
  • Italian Yard and Kornyakt Palace
  • Something Interesting Art Yard
  • Boim Chapel
  • Latin Cathedral

From there it’s just a small hop to the medieval quarters of the city. Therefore we invite you to follow us to explore the Jewish quarter in the old town and see the ruins of the most famous synagogue of Eastern Europe, the Golden Rose Synagogue. Not far is also the old district of the Armenians in Lviv. They were settling here since the 13th century and their old cathedral is one of the favourite places of people from Lviv and tourists alike. Once called the city of a 100 churches, this number by now is exceeded. But still there are some of the most beautiful churches in the area. We will cover the Dominican Church and monastery, the Dormition Church and pass by the Transfiguration Church.

Find out about the famous people of Lviv

Lviv wasn’t only home to cultures. It also was the home of some famous people. Did you know that the son of Mozart lived in Lviv for 30 years and met the love of his life in this city? Also the term Masochism would not exist, if it wasn’t for a man who was born in this city. And did you know that one of the most famous mathematicians in the world survived World War II by feeding lice? There are also many tragic stories, like those of Dorothea Vogel or that of Erno Erb, who were great artists but were still killed in the Shoah. There are many biographies that are closely related to this wonderful city and you need to get to know them!

See quirky and artistic attractions on the Lviv Full Day Tour

Lviv is also home to some really funny and quirky attractions. Most famous of those is the Yard of Lost Toys. This weird resemblance of abandoned toys is either really cute or really scary – depending what you think. Right close by you can also see the outdoor museum of the Soviet Union. It’s a yard with many things people banned from their homes when renovating. But did you know there is also a Monument to a Backpack in Lviv? Yes, we also find that strange. Or do you want to buy some Soviet hats and medals or do you prefer old Polish newspapers? On top we would love to bring you to one of the first independent galleries in the country – Dzyga. They even have a sculpture dedicated to one of the most famous rock bands of all times. And of course some of the monuments bring you good luck – or in one case especially for your sex life. No need for viagra – just take this tour with us and things will be fine!

Discover the amazing architecture on a Lviv one day tour

Lviv is also famous for its architecture. Most of it survived the wars in the area and now present one of the best mixes of styles to you that you will ever see. Renaissance, Mannerism, Classicism, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic, Ukrainian Secession and the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Communist architecture from the 1940s to the 1980s. It’s a real treasure to find out more about all the art of building in this treasure of Ukraine! Apart from the the sights of our beautiful old town, these architectural gems are part of the tour:

  • Ivan Franko National University
  • House of Scientists
  • St. George Cathedral
  • Potocki Palace (outside only)
  • House of the Ukrainian Secession

Discover the tasty side of Lviv with its foods and drinks

Since we will be spending all day together, we will also have a chance to discover all kinds of foods and drinks together. It won’t be our full Ukrainian Food Tour, which we also strongly recommend to you, but you will for sure get to try a real Ukrainian meal, with some tasty local dishes. And since one of our iconic things to do is a coffee break, we will also have plenty of time to explain you all about local coffee in the Ukrainian capital of coffee and about all the cakes that were brought here by the Austrians. Yummy!

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