Combined Lychakiv Cemetery and Shevchenkivskyi Hai Half-Day Tour

Explore the beautiful gems of Lviv away from the center
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Lychakiv Cemetery and the Lviv Folk Architecture Museum at Shevchenkivskyi Hai are two of the most beautiful sights in Lviv and should definitely not be missed. At the Lychakiv Cemetery you can get to know the history of the city through the graves of it’s most famous inhabitants. The beautiful architecture makes Lychakiv Cemetery one of the most beautiful graveyards of Europe.
The Lviv Folk Architecture Museum at Shevchenkivskyi Hai on the other hand makes you travel in time. You will go back 100, 200 and even 300 years, when most people in Ukraine lived a simple live. See the amazing wooden architecture of Western Ukraine in this great open-air museum with live shows and people explaining you all the crafts that were widespread in Ukraine. 


The five best things about this tour

  • See the most amazing wooden architecture
  • Enjoy the shows and performances in the museum
  • Hear about the life of ordinary Ukrainians in the countryside
  • Discover the most beautiful cemetery in Ukraine
  • Learn about the most important people in Lviv through their graves

Detailed description

More about your experience with us

Our guides are all from Ukraine and have grown up with local Ukrainian traditions. They will show you in detail how people in the Ukrainian countryside live – many even nowadays. Real people work in the farm houses and show you different crafts.

+++ Please be aware, that the exhibition in the Folk Architecture Museum works only from Wednesday to Sunday. A tour on Monday or Tuesday is still possible but all houses are closed and there are no shows going on! +++

Discover an oil mill, where people still press seeds for oil. You can even taste the oil and see what different oils were used over the centuries. Also learn more about traditional Ukrainian instruments and food.

Most beautiful cemetery in Ukraine

Lychakiv Cemetery offers you a comprehensive tour of Lviv and it’s culture since its establishment under Austrian rule in 1786. With more than 300.000 graves, you wouldn’t find out all the details that this place has to offer on your own. But the stories of the people buried here are simply intriguing and will give you an insight into what life was like during Austrian times. Dating back 150 years, you will find a beautiful mix of architecture that the builders of the graves used for the deceased. It’s a real trip through time and several architectural periods when you visit this cemetery.

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Lychakiv Cemetery and Shevchenkivskyi Hai Tour

Explore the beautiful gems of Lviv away from the center
Want a great tour?
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