Lviv Free Walking Tour – Jewish Lviv

  • 04/04/2019

But of course a history of Jewish Lviv can not spare the dark times of the city and therefore we will also show you the places where the Lviv Ghetto used to be after the Shoa started. We will guide you to all the places related to the Holocaust in Lviv and show you the former Jewish quarter. On our tour you will also get to know one of the two last remaining synagogues in Lviv that is now a Jewish Cultural Center. Here you may be able to talk to people who are active in the preservation of local Jewish heritage in Lviv.
We are very sure that this is the best Jewish tour that this city has to offer. It has been carefully researched by our team members who are historians and experts on Jewish history and it will show you places that no other tour can offer you! Come with us, to discover the amazing Jewish history of this city!

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Lviv Night Tour – Free Walking Tour – Night Lviv

  • 21/02/2019

The Lviv Night Tour will take you on a relaxing walk to explore some of best sights of Lviv that have a special charm at night. In around 2 hours we will see the best illuminated buildings of Lviv. The Lviv Free Walking Tour – Night Lviv is the most laid back of our free walking tours. A little less history than usually. Instead we tell you some macabre legends of Lviv from medieval times mixed up with modern myths from nowadays and give you some tips on what to do later at night. Some exciting stories that make you see this city with different eyes and will put a smile on your face or a shiver down your space every time you pass them. Here are some of the spots you will not want to miss:

  • High Castle Hill with a beautiful view on the Old Town
  • the Yard of Lost Toys
  • Lviv’s Market Square and Town Hall
  • Mytna Square and Bernardine Monastery

Also you should bring a loved one, so that you can hold on to them, while you here some scary ghost stories from the dark ages of Lviv!

Having a beer with new friends after the Lviv Night Tour

And the best about it: A tour with Lviv Buddy is really just like walking with your friends and having a good time. We like to engage our guests and have a chat with them and on many of our tours, our guests made new friends. That’s why we go for a coffee during our day tours. On the Free Walking Tour – Night Lviv, we usually head to a bar afterwards and have a drink, to warm up (or cool down, depending on the season). A great way to start your night out in Lviv!

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Lviv Free Walking Tour – Hidden Secrets
Street of the many names in Lviv

Lviv Free Walking Tour – Hidden Secrets

  • 21/02/2019

Finding out more about the history of Lviv in places that you would usually not get to see is the main focus of our Lviv Free Walking Tour – Hidden Secrets. There are beautiful buildings to be discovered, like the Villa Dunikovskoho with its rich decorations and sculptures. You can also take a picture next to quirky sights of Lviv like the Street of the many names or the Monument to a backpack which especially our world travelling guests always see as a highlight.
But we also don’t spare out the horrific details of Lviv history when we show you how some of the World’s most famous scientists survived World War II and how meanwhile tens of thousands of people suffered and dies in Stalag 328 in a place that now houses a 5 star hotel. And we will also show you the only prison museum in Ukraine where people from different backgrounds suffered from oppression.

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Lviv Free Walking Tour – Cultures

  • 21/02/2019

Now being a predominantly Ukrainian city, Lviv was always known to be a melting pot of different cultures throughout the centuries. Walk with us through at least half a dozen cultures that left their traces in Lviv. Our guides know all the corners of the city and have been trained in various subjects of history, so that they can show you the best places and explain you the history behind them. Our Lviv Free Walking Tour – Cultures of Lviv is the best way to reveal the forgotten history of Polish Lwow, Jewish or Austrian Lemberg, Ukrainian Lviv or Italian Leopoli. And did you know that Lviv has been the home of Armenians for more than six centuries?

Stops of our Lviv Free Walking Tour – Cultures of Lviv

Our walk is relaxed and we won’t bore you with plain historic facts and dates. We will wrap them in compelling stories about the life in this beautiful city through the centuries. And believe us: In the 2.5 hours we can tell you quite a few stories – and we have even more! Some of the places that you will see and hear about:

  • the biggest wedding gift ever given in Ukraine
  • Austrians and coffee house culture in Lviv
  • the church where Armenian Apostolics are praying in a church of Armenian Catholics
  • the present that you get when you fail as a prime minister

Unfortunately we only have 2.5 to 3 hours with you. But we could fill this tour with much more! So join us to get at least the very essence of the Cultures of Lviv.

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Lviv Free Walking Tour – Must See

  • 21/02/2019

In 2 hours we will guide you to the most interesting places around Lviv Old Town. On our Lviv Free Walking Tour – Must See we will take you on a walk through the most historical places of Lviv. On this tour you well get an insight on the following places and things:

  • Lviv’s Market Square and Town Hall
  • Armenian Church, Dominican Church, Latin Cathedral
  • old Jewish quarter and the ruins of the Golden Rose Synagogue
  • Boim Chapel
  • Black Stone Building

We will tell you all about the history of the Lviv old town and introduce you to the best spots to visit, to good restaurants to eat at and to nice bars to enjoy the evening at with the friends that you just meet on our Lviv free walking tour.

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