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Great architecture, amazing people – a tour with many stories in 2.5 hours
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Austrian Lviv boasts some of the finest architecture that fans of the Habsburgs can find in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. When the Austrians divided Poland in 1772, together with the Russians and the Prussians, Lviv and Galicia fell into their hands. And they did quite a good job in giving Lviv a part of its identity that still exists today – among other cultures of Lviv. In the next 150 years the city gained most of its representative buildings. The former river Poltva was buried and theaters, banks and palaces were built. The city was one of the first in Europe to get street lighting. This tour is a great possibility to discover this all at once!


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Much of the Austrian heritage is left in the city and can be discovered. On our Austrian Lviv Private Walking Tour you will find out more about unique places of Austrian history in Lviv.

  • Prospekt Svobody – from the Hausner Palace to the Lviv Opera Theater and what other buildings should find your attention
  • the University of Lviv through the centuries and how the Austrians established it formerly
  • the Potocki Palace and why not every reward is worth it

You will be able to soak up the atmosphere of Austrian Lviv very well during our tour. We will also give you an insight into why the architecture here was Austrian but still also Galician!

Famous Austrians and locals in Lviv during Austrian times

Apart from buildings there are also many stories about people that are worth visiting. Because Lviv is far away from Vienna, many forgot that there were also quite interesting people that give a tragic, a funny or a interesting background on the Austrian history of Lemberg. Or did you know that

  • Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the man who  masochism it’s name, was from Lviv?
  • that Franz Xaver Mozart, the son of genius composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart found the love of his life in Lviv but failed to meet the expectations set into him by other people?

Those people are very alive in the stories that our guides can tell you about the history of Austrian Lviv. We can promise you: You won’t need to set foot on a horse carriage to feel taken 150 years back in time!

Discover Austrian coffee culture

This tour is also a wonderful possibility to find out more about the history of coffee in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And did you know that it actually was a Ukrainian who brought coffee to the Western world? Well, if you did not know that, it’s about time for you to join our tour! If you have any questions or extra wishes, we will be happy to help!

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Austrian Lviv Tour

Great architecture, amazing people – a tour with many stories in 2.5 hours
Want a great tour?
Want even more?

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This was a great tour. Our guide really knew her subject and took us to interesting sights we would never have found on our own. She also asked a great question at the beginning - what did we know and what did we want to find out about - which meant she tailored the tour beautifully to our interests.

London, UK


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