Jewish Lviv Private Walking Tour

Getting to know the Jewish history of Lviv in a compelling 3 hour tour
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Jewish Lviv was once a hotspot for Ashkenazi culture in Galicia. Once hosting Poland’s third-largest Jewish community, Lviv nowadays stands in the shadow of Krakow or Budapest when it comes to numbers. But when exploring the Jewish sights of Lviv with us, you can start to feel the 700 year old history of this city’s Jewish community. Working with local and international historians and researching some unique stories, Lviv Buddy put together a walking tour to give you an insight into what was once the vibrant center of Jewish Galicia and meet some of the people who still keep it alive.


The five best things about this tour

  • See the remains of the Golden Rose Synagogue
  • Hear stories about the Jews that made Lviv so unique
  • Explore the sites of the two Jewish Quarters
  • Get to know what remains of the Jewish community in Lviv
  • Meet local Jewish activists at the Sholom-Alecheim-Cultural-Center

Detailed description

More about your experience with us

We will bring you from the places where the first Jews in Lviv settled under Polish king Kazimir the Great to the places where they still celebrate today. Our tour has the aim to raise your awareness to find the little details, like a mezuza or inscriptions on the wall. We will bring you to the places where Jews in Lviv prayed and disputed. Once home to 44 synagogues, now we have only 2 buildings left that still serve purposes of the Jewish community. We will make one of it part of the tour and explain you the problems that Jews in Lviv face nowadays.

Finding out about famous people from Jewish Lviv

Lviv has a rich Jewish cultural history. Did you know that the most famous Yiddish theater was established in Lviv and brought up some famous New York theater actors? Lviv was also home to famous singers, poets, writers and architects. Here are just a few to name:

  • famous Yiddish poet Sholem Alecheim, who wrote the story for Fiddler on the Roof
  • nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal who diccovered hundreds of war criminals
  • Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem – an inspiration to generations of sci-fi fans
  • Yiddish-speaking actrice Bertha Kalich who gained fame even in New York city
  • Ukrainian painter Erno Erb whose works can still be seen in the Lviv Art Gallery

There are so many people and places to discover, we could fill days with just this. That’s why we focus on narrowing it down to presenting the best of those things to you!

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Jewish Lviv Tour

Getting to know the Jewish history of Lviv in a compelling 3 hour tour
Want a great tour?
Want even more?

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Read from our guests what they have to say about this tour

I was fortunate enough to be able to schedule a last minute Jewish Tour of Lviv with Peter of Lviv Buddy. He definitely knows his history and gave me much more info than I will be able to remember. I can't say enough about the quality of this paid tour. If you are hesitant to fork out the price compared to some of the "free" tours, don't be. You get what you pay for!

New Orleans, USA


We did a private walking tour of Jewish Lviv and Peter made arrangements to drive us out to the village where my great grandfather came from. Peter is knowledgable, entertaining and informative. I would wholly recommend the company and our guides.

Manchester, Great Britain


The main reason we came to Lviv was to see its Jewish heritage, and Peter was our guide on the Lviv Buddy walking tour. The tour was excellent throughout with interesting sites and knowledgeable and enthusiastic guiding. We were able to discuss all sorts of related topics too as Peter’s expertise on Lviv covered all bases. He clearly loves his subject and his host city and we highly recommend this tour to all interested in history.

Newark-On-Trent, UK


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