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Now being a predominantly Ukrainian city, Lviv was always known to be a melting pot of different cultures throughout the centuries. Walk with us through at least half a dozen cultures that left their traces in Lviv. Our guides know all the corners of the city and have been trained in various subjects of history, so that they can show you the best places and explain you the history behind them. Our Lviv Free Walking Tour – Cultures of Lviv is the best way to reveal the forgotten history of Polish Lwow, Jewish or Austrian Lemberg, Ukrainian Lviv or Italian Leopoli. And did you know that Lviv has been the home of Armenians for more than six centuries?

Stops of our Lviv Free Walking Tour – Cultures

Our walk is relaxed and we won’t bore you with plain historic facts and dates. We will wrap them in compelling stories about the life in this beautiful city through the centuries. And believe us: In the 2.5 hours we can tell you quite a few stories – and we have even more! Some of the places that you will see and hear about:

  • the biggest wedding gift ever given in Ukraine
  • Austrians and coffee house culture in Lviv
  • the church where Armenian Apostolics are praying in a church of Armenian Catholics
  • the present that you get when you fail as a prime minister

Unfortunately we only have 2.5 to 3 hours with you. But we could fill this tour with much more! So join us to get at least the very essence of the Cultures of Lviv.

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