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Seeing majestic bears in an almost natural habitat is the most amazing thing about the Lviv Bear Sanctuary. In this unique place, the non-profit organization Four Paws shelters bears that have been freed from circuses or hunting stations and can now enjoy an almost natural bear life. You can help save bears by visiting this amazing place and learning more about bears in nature and how the Domazhyr Bear Sanctuary saves these brown bears from life in terrible cages.


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As cute as they may seem to some people visiting the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr, brown bears are actually wild animals. But unfortunately, these majestic creatures often get mistreated and used either in circuses, as an attraction for restaurants, or to train hunting dogs. The Four Paws NGO has therefore started the Lviv Bear Sanctuary, to which rescued brown bears are brought. Here the bears can live a life that is as close as possible to their life in the wild and are being introduced to the lifestyle that their wild conspecifics can enjoy.

Learn all about the Ukrainian bears at Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr

On this unique half-day tour, you can learn everything about these beautiful creatures. Our guides and the Lviv Bear Sanctuary employees will explain to you everything about the history of the animals that are sheltered here. Some of them have a very troubling history where they were kept for entertainment or to train dogs. But here they have a pretty decent life. You will learn more about how bears behave and how the team of the Bear Sanctuary reintroduces them to their wild lifestyle. On this tour, you will get insights, that you can’t get on any regular tour.

Get close to brown bears at the Lviv Bear Sanctuary

The great thing about the Lviv Bear Sanctuary is that you can get close to the bears and it will be safe and also good for your consciousness because with every visit you help to free more bears from the horrible treatments that they have to suffer from. You can also participate and see the closed areas of the bear sanctuary. We take you to the veterinarian station and let you help prepare the food for the feedings for the bears. After this you can enjoy to watch them eat the food you just made for them.

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Lviv Bear Sanctuary
Getting to know the bears

The tour to the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr is supposed to give you a good overview of the life of bears in Ukraine. At the beginning of the tour, your personal guide will explain you everything you have to know about bears and answer all your questions: Where in Ukraine do they live? Can you meet them in nature?  How many are left in the Carpathian mountains? And of course we will connect it with interesting stories about the current status of wildlife protection and of contacts between bears and humans in real life.

Domazhyr Bear Sanctuary Tour
Talk to bear savers

All of the bears at the Lviv Bear Sanctuary have really sad stories, that unfortunately show you how cruel some people can be to animals. But the good part is that the stories of these bears don't end with this. They all were rescued and we love for you to talk to one of the workers at the NGO and explain to you more about the work with the bear rescue. It's really interesting to find out more how they save the bears and what process it takes to get them out of their harmful captivity. And what's even better: the workers know each bears character and can tell you more about each one of them: how they interact, what they like doing and who are their friends.

Prepare food for the bears

Bears are hungry animals. And since they eat quite a lot, food must always be prepared for them to eat. And because bears also love to play, the workers at the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr prepare the food often in a special way, so that the bears can combine their two favorite things to do. Help them get the food for the bears ready and find out more about their eating habits and what they love the most.

Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr feeding
Watch the feeding

After you are done with the preparations, you get to enjoy watching the bears get fed up close. See how they munch pumpkins or crack some toys with food inside open. It's really fun and we are sure you will fall in love even more with these majestic and beautiful animals.

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