5 Lviv must see places outside Old Town

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Lviv is such a nice and easily walkable city. Streets are narrow and pretty much everything is within walking distance. But there are some places out of the Old Town, that are well worth the walk – and that in every time of the year. Let us introduce our Top 5 picks for Lviv must see places outside of Old Town!

Shevchenkivskyi Hai and Lychakiv Cemetery Tour as Lviv must see places
Shevchenkivskyi Hai in Lviv offers some of the best traditional wooden architecture in Western Ukraine.

Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture Shevchenkivsy Hai – Beautiful wooden churches

If you are not planning to make a trip to the countryside in Ukraine, then the Museum of Folk Architecture or also just called Shevchenkivsy Hai is the closest you will get to it. The museum is a collection of wooden churches and countryside houses from all over Western Ukraine. Here you will get information on the different ethnical backgrounds and traditions of the people that settled in Lviv and the surrounding areas for centuries or even longer. They also have a great Christmas market every year at the beginning of January – yes that’s right! Most Ukrainians celebrate after the Julian calendar.

Visit the Museum on the Lviv Folk Architecture Museum Tour.

High Castle (Vysokyi Zamok) – Amazing view from one of the Lviv must see places

The place where once the castle of Lviv stood is now just a hill with a platform and the Ukrainian flag on top. But you simply can’t leave Lviv without having had the view that the kings of Galicia and Poland has from their palace of which you can now only find fragments up here. But the 20 minute walk from the center will well reimburse you for the strength you have to bring up to get here. Enjoy the view on all sides of the city. You can see the beautiful old town from here with the town hall (Ratusha) and the many churches that make up the shape of the city.

Lychakiv Cemetery Lviv
Lychakiv Cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.

Lychakiv Cemetery – The most beautiful cemetery in Eastern Europe

If you would like to be buried among some of the most famous people this region has ever brought up, then you’d wanna be laying on Lychakiv Cemetery. This graveyard has the cream of the crop of Ukrainian and Polish celebrities laying here. But even if you have never heard of Ivan Franko and alike, you still shouldn’t miss this most beautiful cemetery in Ukraine. It’s great for a walk and even better for pictures. The mausoleums and gravestones make up some great sculptures and are fine arts and crafts. Pick up a map to guide you around and find the famous graves to brag about to your Polish and Ukrainian friends at your next Lviv Pub Crawl.

Visit Lychakiv Cemetery on our Lychakiv Cemetery Tour or combine it with the Folk Architecture Museum on the Combined Tour.

Stryiski Park – The biggest park in Lviv

Lviv can be quite hectic sometimes and the fumes from the rush hour traffic jams can make you pretty dizzy sometimes. This is exactly the time when you want to escape the city center and make your way to the green of beautiful Stryiski Park. The Park has a small pond with some swans but most essentially some really beautiful walking paths and a lot of trees. It’s also the favorite place of most Lvivians to relax on Sundays or after work. Bring a blanket and some food for a good picknick!

Lviv House of Scientists Austrian Lviv
The Interieur of the Lviv House of Scientists is stunning and is one of the best examples of Austrian Lviv architecture.

House of Scientists – Austrian architecture at its best

Imagine you sit with a couple beers with your aristocratic buddies in Austrian-ruled Lviv, enjoying some music from a capella and play a couple cards for the next round of drinks – well this is what you did about a hundred years ago in this place. The house of scientists was actually a casino for aristocrats and was only later under Soviet rule renamed to the House of Scientists in Lviv. Nevertheless it probably has one of the most beautiful interiors of Lviv and is well worth the couple Hrivnas you have to pay at the entrance. Secret tip: Come during the week to avoid wedding couples and get a better shot of the beautiful wooden stairs!

See the House of Scientists on our Essential Lviv Tour, our Austrian Lviv Tour or on the Full Day Lviv Tour.

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