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Craft beer is a booming industry in Ukraine, a country which is more famous for vodka. As the old beer capital of Ukraine, Lviv craft beer is becoming more and more popular too. IPAs, Stouts, Lambics and other non-standard beer types are conquering local pubs and bars. And wow, there are quite a few by now, so that you can easily lose the orientation. But don’t worry – the Lviv Craft Beer Tour got you covered!


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The Lviv Craft Beer Tour is the best way to get to know the beer scene of Western Ukraine. With a lot of new breweries on the market for craft beer, it becomes hard to find the best beer in Lviv. We are locals, who care about real brewing. We want to show you the best beer in the city and even in Ukraine! From lagers, stouts and bocks to wheats, lambics and IPAs – we know what the best beers in Lviv and Ukraine are.

Visiting famous beer halls

One of our guests favourite stops is always the Pravda Beer Theatre. This local brewery is famous for its beers about world leaders like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel or Barack Obama. But despite their marketing, they actually brew great beers that won many prices. That’s why we will take you on our Lviv Craft Beer Tour to this brewery, show you how they produce their beer and what challenges they face with brewing in Lviv.

Visit a local brewery, chat with a brewer

One of the best things about our Lviv Craft Beer Tour is: You will be able to talk to one of the brewers and ask him all the questions you always wanted to get a rid of (subject of availability and starting time of the tour). The brewer will explain you the brewing process and the difficulties brewers in Ukraine are facing when they want to produce a good beer.

Visiting craft beer bars that you will want to return to

Lviv also has hundreds of bars. Most of them are quite trashy, some are really great. But you will have to know which craft beer bars and pubs are really worth a visit. As locals who love beers, we go out and test new bars and visit the good ones frequently. With a good taste for beer and with our knowledge on the matter we also know where they treat beer like it should be treated. And of course we also know a bar for each occasion and for each mood, with music or without, for locals or great for foreigners as well.

Learn more about beer and pass it on at your next pub visit

Our tour guides are beer enthusiasts. Our founder and Chief Buddy Peter is German and can tell you all about German brewing traditions. We love to get to know everything we can about beer and hand this knowledge on to you – be it historical facts or insights into the Ukrainian brewing. Be assured that on your next pub crawl with friends you will have a lot of facts and stories you can impress with.

Get the whole picture of craft beer in Lviv

Lviv and Ukraine are suffering from one major problem: Most things are usually in the hands of a few people. And while most craft beer and brewery tours in Lviv are run by the same companies who simply have multiple locations, we actually offer an independent tour. We really want you to try the best of everything and show this to you. This way you get the best panorama of what beer in Lviv has to offer. We simply go by what our customers like and what offers the best taste and the best quality for you experience. And on top of that: We don’t watch the clock. If you are having a good time, we won’t drop out when the clock strikes the official end of the tour.

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