Soviet Lviv – Tour of Communist Lvov

Explore the Communist past of this classical city
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Not a typical communist city, Soviet Lviv was formed by the will of the Communist government to transform an entire city and get a rid of it’s past. The USSR wanted to transform Lviv to a model town and make it’s citizens strict followers of the Communist ideology. But there was one major problem: The people did not want that. This tour gives you an insight into the communist society, it’s architecture and various other aspects of Soviet power in Lviv. We also want to show you what happened to those who did not go along with Soviet ideology.


The five best things about this tour

  • Explore the architecture of Soviet Lviv throughout the reign of the USSR in Western Ukraine
  • Find out more about life in Soviet society
  • Taste some typical dishes from communist times in Lviv
  • Learn about the most important figures of Communism in Western Ukraine
  • Feel what happened to those that were in opposition against the Communist Party

Detailed description

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When first occupied in 1939 as part of the secret protocol added to the Molotov-Ribbentrop-Pact, Lviv went through a time of intensive persecution. The elite of the city was interned or shot, national movements sent to prison or deported. The struggle against this occupation continued until the 1950s. After this the situation normalised. The Soviet government under Khrushchev started focusing on housing.

Soviet housing and monuments in Lviv

Soviet urban planning started to reshape Lviv as a city. Many microrayons were added and new representative buildings were added. On our tour we will show you the most impressive buildings, monuments and projects and explain you both the significance as well as the ideological background of any of the urban development in Lviv. We will give you a broad picture of Soviet society in Lviv and how people lived. And of course you will get to experience some of it with your own mouth, when we take you to a typical Soviet-style canteen to try some typical foods from these times.

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Soviet Lviv Tour

Explore the Communist past of this classical city
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