Lviv Street Art Tour

Discover the emerging art scene of Lviv in a 2.5h walk
2.5 hours
Group size
1-15 people
all year
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10am, 2pm
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Lviv Street Art has become so diverse in the last years, that it’s a real adventure to explore. The face of Lviv is changing every day. With the Revolution of Dignity, the EuroMaidan, artists in Ukraine now feel free to express themselves. More and more murals appear and even in hidden corners you can find signature pieces from street artists from around Ukraine and Europe. In Lviv the art scene is growing stronger too. The Lviv Street Art Tour will introduce you to this hidden art.


The five best things about this tour

  • See the most amazing street art in Lviv
  • Hear stories about the artists that made them
  • Explore emerging art places in Lviv
  • Talk to some of the artists that drive the art in Lviv
  • Find out what will be next in art in Ukraine

Detailed description

More about your experience with us

Some pieces of street art in Lviv are easy to spot, because they are large-scale murals in public spaces. But what about the art that isn’t huge? You will need to know the spots to explore them. Therefore we have created a route that guides you to all of the unique pieces of street art, that give Lviv a new face. If you wanna see the corners that you would never find on your own, then the Lviv Street Art Tour is what you are looking for. We have invested a lot of time to find out all the stories behind the pieces that we show you. We know the background, the artists and the intentions. We can tell you hundreds of things that you will not find in any book about street art.

Street Art Lviv
Murals from different artists are part of our walk through the Lviv street art

Talk to the artists of Lviv

We will take you also to places where art is being created. A spot you wouldn’t want to miss is a old radio factory, that now has been turned into an art hub. There artists can rent ateliers for low money. And it works! You find all kinds of creative people from painters to theater artists, graphic and fashion designers, photographers and even street artists in this place. And because we love art and we want to give you a real insight, we actually know most of them and want you to get in contact with them. You can ask the artists everything about their art and get their point of view on the art scene in Lviv.

More than just murals

And we have so many things to show you, that we actually carefully select. Because art isn’t limited only to murals, you will explore sculptures, exhibitions and small art shops and galleries with us. And we will walk you into the backyards of the city, where local residents have put up amazing collections of everyday art and created a comfy and creative environment for themselves and the visitors Lviv.

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Lviv Street Art Tour

Discover the emerging art scene of Lviv in a 2.5h walk
Want a great tour?
Want even more?

Photos from the tour

Get an impression which wonderful things you will get to see


Read from our guests what they have to say about this tour

The Street Art tour was lovely! I'm grateful to Peter who made the street art tour even if I was the only one! Because of that I saw his involvement in Lviv Buddy Tours. During the tour the atmosphere was very warm even though the weather wasn't, I had fun learning from them and I learned a lot!

via Tripadvisor


I have always enjoyed street art but never looked deeper into it, so a tour with this theme sounded very cool. And so it was, a pleasant walk with lots of information that is not in your usual guide books, and we even got to meet one of the artists! I can really recommend the tours of this company!

Backa Topola, Serbia


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